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What is Qigong?

Qi is a subtle energy and gong means work. Qigong is then the science of regulating subtle energy to influence body, mind and spirit.

In ancient China Qi was depicted as fire or warmth – qualities that create, sustain and promote life. The subtle energy of qi enables our bodies and minds to function. The quality of our qi defines our health. My practice and teaching promotes awareness of and movement of qi through simple yet powerful movements to enhance physical and psychological wellbeing.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of simple movements that are powerful in their ability to influence our mind, body and spirit through the activation and development of subtle energy – Qi.

Qigong North West events and teaching will help you to clear your mind, strengthen your body and refresh your spirit.

To cultivate your happiness, health and well being Qigong North West offers you:

The forms of Qigong I practice come from China, Japan and South Korea. The origins of the forms are ancient and have been refined by Masters over time and are still evolving today.

Our bodies tell the stories of our lives, the joys and pains, the repetitive work, emotional and physical wounds which can be read in our posture, attitude and movement. Qigong is not only a workshop activity but one which informs the way we live on a daily basis. The practice increases our ability to live and work in an efficient way with minimal effort and reunites us with a connection to our physical selves and the world around us.

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“This is a simple and powerful practice.”

– Sandra Cassidy-Neale, Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach